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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 14, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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gunman. lanza found dead inside of the school, armed with four weapon was a bulletproofed vest. adam believed to have killed his mother at her home. this is the second deadliest shooting in u.s. history. virginia tech, the mostç]=tú deadly. adam lanza's older brother, ryan is cooperating with police. he was initially named as a suspect in had this shooting. officers telling rorl rorlt -- reporters he is not a suspect. >> some bay area schools are taking extra precautions, bringing security to campuses. this is video from sky 7 hd over lockwood elementary school. response to a shooting. making their police officers available at any school that wantedzqq2 traechl security to. officer as signed to the six campuses in the district. >> we never think of this
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unspeakable act of violence but it could. which is have police here in the bay area try as best they can to prepare. in case abc 7 news is live in san francisco tonight with that part of the coverage. vic? >> of course, it's been a difficult day for all12z school administrators and teachers here in san francisco. officers contacted schools in zroikts ask if they need additional help.@çaasóó] wwçó teachers here have been trained on how to address, trained teachers on how to address students when asking about these violent incidents. that was pretty much the same protocol them. say they have drills in place. since the massacre, schools have been handing drills with police. simulating shootings.
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all with a goal of preparing teachers, staff and students for unthinkable. it's taught schools to toughen security, re-examining how to respond to violence.é1 ÷ san francisco school chief says every campus now has a safety plan and a crisis man yule. >> it has multiple scenarios from intrude dwrorz gas leaks to electrical leaks to evacuations and schools practice the safety plans regularly. >> he and other school officials we spoke with won't share all of the security protocol with us. they don't want potential intruders to know about them. but most schools have one common policy. >> we have a single point of entrance to schools we encourage schools to follow that protocol. so visitors are checking in in one place in the school. >> this drill held four years ago at st. ig naishus. >> i hool, -- high school.
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now, they hold two drills a year. schoolg#:]ç resource officers he taught students some basics, may keep them alive in an inviewed troouder gets on campus. >> run, hide, and then, fight. if you need be. which we never want to happen. but run, hide and fight. >> the principal says they're more aware of the security holds. >> recognizing we have multiple access points in schools, but we have tried to ice yol yait those. so-isolate those to so we're aware. >> in columbine, officers waited for s.w.a.t. teams to assemble before going n while that happened, the shooter killed more students, now, police changed tactics. >> if there is a violent incidents ongoing, active shooter we make immediate action. we know that lives are at stake. if there is immediacy, our 8ht:sb to gather and engage.
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>> as schools chief says, single most effective security measure of all is awareness that, is what they tell students. if you notice something, tell an adult. call 911. thank you. >> schools around the bay trying to help students and staff deal with this tragedy n union city, school district officials consoled each other. one psychologist figuring older kids were likely to learn about the connecticut shooting through social media. she also helped to craft an e mail to go staff and teacher as cross the district. >> look for in students that might, this might have a big impact on wh. to refer them for services. >> in oakland, administrators say they're trying to give out information without drama tiesing it and trying to reassure students they have
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many people looking out for them. >> so, once again air, shooting massacre rekindling long running debate in this country, being talked about with renewed vigor in sacramento tonight. we're live with both sides of the issue. nannette? >> the brady campaign ranks california as having the strictest concontrol laws in the country. advocates are seizing on the moment, state senator considering reintro dugs a bill. governor brown ordered flags at the california state capitol to be flown at half staff calling the tragedy a heart breaking loss. 23 years ago california had a scoot skool shooting in stockton. fived kids left dead. that spark]af aid move nmt california that resulted in the strongest gun laws in the
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country. >> i think it hit home the imance of strengthening our laws and spurred action. >> the brady campaign credits california strong gun laws for making it safer on streets. >> california has lowest mortality rate from firearm death in the nation. >> the connecticut shooting is prompting calls for stricter gun law as cross the country, even in california. most recent polls show americans in general savor -- favor more restrictions. >> we don't need stricter gun gun troll. >> this gun store owner says laws are working fine. >> isolated incidents, it's tragic but you know, we can't going to solve the problem. it's not f people are wanting to"dl do something bad, they're going to figure out a way to do it. >> the michigan house approved a concealed weapons law allowing train pemz to carry guns in schools, stadiums and
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churches, an idea he says could have brought down the shooter faster if the law was in place there. >> if someone were to have a gun there, a concealed weapon and knew how to use it the situation could have not gotten as far as it did. >> i do not think that is a solution. that i brofsh bringing more firearms is only going to create more bullets flying. >> the connecticut gunman used a glock and sig semi automatic handgun. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. vigils springing up over the country in washington, d.c. in front of the white house a group called for stronger gun firearms. this became a candle light vigil. more people joined the group z here is a picture of a vigil
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in san4/+dñ jose. the mother of 6-year-old diaviano cavato showed this noteo, lighting a candle for children. the sign reads san jose loves shes, connecticut. we're getting word of a vigil to be held in oakland tonight. at broadway and 14th street from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. for victims of gun violence. >> it seems to happen often these days. just this year, one of the deadliest shootings in california history happen ntd bay area. seven people killed in oikos university. the gunman is undergoing evaluation. in february, three students killed and two wounded as students waited for buses to other schools.
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the deadliest school shooting happened in 2007 in virginia tech. the gunman killed 32 people, then shot and killed himself in 1999 in columbine high school two, students killed 12 classmates and a teacher before themselves in the school library. 26 others were wounded. >> as this tragedy unfolds stay with us for continuing coverage. you can receive urgent updates on your smart phone by down loading our free news app and opting for push note ficks. you can sign up on abc 7 page and on twitter on abc 7 to monitor this tragedy for and world news with diane sawyer will air a special broadcast on the tragedy tonight beginning right after this newscast at 5:30. >> moving on to other news, update on breaking news on the
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peninsula. police say the driver of the black volkswagon crashing into another vehicle on northbound i-280 has been arrested and will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. you're looking at live pictures of the scene. just a horrific crash. three people were killed. victims changing a tire in the that vehicles swag on. you can seu@[#ñ resulting traffc back up on 280 as a result of the crash. >> students back in class in cupper tino following spray painted bomb threats that closed two two skoolz yesterday. this graffiti in is a san jose named a teacher from monte vista high. students were relieved by the police on campus today. >> feel comfort yachblt i know there is not a bomb here, i'm
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pretty sure that the police have a good handle on it. >> the sheriff office has additional deputies on the campus and has a couple officers at the home of the teacher mentioned in this threat. >> there was more flooding at the interchange of highways 1 and 101 this morning. motor yifrs had to navigate as they came off highway 101. water lapped over the road. this week's shore line experienced some of the highest shore lines of the year, at seven feet. flooding crossed part of the pch in sunset beach in southern california. >> and king tide has come and gone, more rain is on the way. sandhya patel is here with a look at what is in store. >> yes. we'll have rain for weekend. we have some very light rain around the region. i am going to show you where
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it's raining now. we take you first to fremont area, black hall road, some very light rain. we head down towards milpitas area, allen roth, -- rock. moderate rain showing up z i'm getting confirmation from the rain on people on twitter. one said had a rainy drive home. and great advice. of course, our own radar will be watching another system due ñ i'll let you know which one of the two days will be the drier for plan autos thank you. >> still to come here tonight a harsh sentence for a rapist terrorizing in the mission district. authorities say chances are slim to none he gets out on parole. >> students write let dwrorz santa not for when they want,
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instead, these to help make wishes come true for sick children. th
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a former worker will spend his life without -- behind bars. he was sentenced to 373 years to life understood to pay over $250,000 in restitution to the victims. the judge said he show nod remorse for the rapes taking place in the mission district between june and december of last year. the family stormed out of the courtroom after the sentence was read. one of the victims talked about the crime stating that the assault drained the life out of her body. a judge in
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southern california is being taken to task for sais saiing a rape victim didn't put up a vit when assaulted. the judge took the view that if someone doesn't want to have sex, the body willqvs,l not permit that to happen. the california commission on judicial performance voted to publicly admonish the judge and said comments were inskprorpt a breech of judicial ethic autos the concord teenager who admitted killing a father and daughter his speeding suv back in court fr a hearing today. david rosen now 18 years old will have to pay for losses resulting from the deaths of the 9-year-old ask her father. they include funeral expenses and lost wages. the two riding bikes last april when hit by rosen, expected in court for a final decision in terms of restitution february 20th. >> departments and police departments released a surveillance video screen shot of a suspect want forward a
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crime spree targeting four drug stores in 36 hours, starting on wednesday in dublin. the a lot of one was yesterday afternoon, at the dublin safeway pharmacy. and in all, four robberies, he gave a clerk a net saying he was armed and wanted drugs like oxycontin. >> what happened today in connecticut saddened all of us and we want to share a story now of hope and love. hundreds wrote qlerts asking him to grnt a wish to sick kids. that is part of a make a wish campaign. >> how many letters did our second graders hear? >> these of are a few of kids in fremont who wrote a wish. >> i wished about my family.
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and friends. >> my mom and dad have a great nd not have to struggle witness. >> for all children say stay out of the hospital, feel better about themselves. >> their second grade teacher organized this project. >> this could with some of the kids wonder when they wish for. >> macy's donated $2 to make a wish foundation, granting wishes to kids with life threatening medical conditions. she had a shopping spree today, before flying in january to meet justin beiber. students and parents managed to write 41,000 letter autos when i do it, my hands hurt. but i keep on doing it. because i want kids to get out
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of the hospital. >> the make a wish foundation will now receive more than $80,000 which will be spent on granting wishes to about eight sick children. >> if you're sick and in pain. you don't like to have much to do. you can't go out, anywhere. pay it forward, to think of others first. and plus we're getting them to right. >> he told us his baby sister had been sick. >> i hope she gets better. >> is better now. >> the power of believing. inoc1i fremont abc 7 news. >> what beautiful faces. what a beautiful thing to do. >> absolutely oo. sandhya patel is here. and our radar will be watching rain this weekend. so don't panic or cancel your plans.
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it's not looking that bad. we're looking across the bay there. and we have a few showers out there. they're decreasing in coverage. here is what it's raining right now. it's mostly around east bay to south bay. santa cruz mountains they're getting rainfall. south bay as we head towards south king road and highway 101. allen rock. towards the east bay, you'll notice cherry street, fremont boulevard, light rain. sprinkles or lit rain is all we're expecting. it's snowing in the sierra nevada. so if you have plans to go there, more snow is inm- thejuia forecast. now temperatures are calling and it's been a chilly
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afternoon. most areas into upper 40s to 50s this afternoon. numbers into upper 40s along coast we have low 50s around the coast and bay. so chilly conditions and showers early in the morning on sunday here, is a look at satellite and radar. this is a system bringing us rain now. we're watching another system that will produce rain for saturday. let's check out our computer animation, 8:00 in the morning you're fine. rain starts to appear near the golden gate bridge. it will spread for afternoon. it's a light to moderate rain event and will be chilly possibility of zmo could see a few flurries over mount hamilton. showers lingering into sunday morning.
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your early mans maybe into afternoon up into the north bay. but then, we're done. with the rain. until monday. all right. rainfall totals looking like this. highest into the mountains. santa cruz mountains up to a quarter inch. rest of the bay area up until at lighter rainfall. tomorrow morning clouds part ways we'll start out partly cloudy skies and not as cold as this morning. tomorrow morning 34 santa rosea, napa. 36 degrees concord, look at that. livermore just about freezing. 36 degrees. 40 degrees in half moon bay so. make sure you bundle up out of the door. keep players around. it's going to be chilly. low 50s towards the south bay, temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. accu-weather forecast, after early shourks sunday, you're fine the rest of the day.
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monday, rain is likely heading into early tuesday, break on wednesday. thursday, doesn't look that promising. as far as rain but chance of y÷, late friday, in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> still to come, an uproar of
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now back to the latest on the tragic shooting more about adam lanza, the 20-year-old behind the deadly shooting killing 26 people including 20 children. he opened fire in an elementary school. he turned the gun on himself. police say he also killed his mother, nancy lanza inside of her home before going to school. the gunman's brother, ryan taken into custody and questioned. he is not a suspect in this shooting. authorities say he is cooperating fully. please stay with us and abc 7 for continuing updates on this tragic, breaking news story.
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unfolding and will be for hours, you can receive urgent updates down loading our free abc 7 news app opting for push notifications. i use it, it's handy. the team is sending updates on the school tragedy as they develop. you can sign up for breaking news letter on abc 7 we'll continue to keep you informed in that mat year breaking news in the south bay. sky 7 hd is live at the great mall in milpitas, police evacuated a khol's store there because of a message about a bomb wrilten on the wall of the men's rest room. police vowed no evidence of a bomb but cleared stores to make sure areas are safe. police hope to reopen this area by about 8:00 we'll let you know if anything changes. >> let's transition to other things for just a moment. it's in with old in a classic
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cap room. gold dust lounge and other memorabilia this morning from old locations near union square into new spots. it's still beingoyp/i)enovated ahead of the scheduled opening. more on that in just a moment. >> this sf a perfect place for gold dust. and we have a perfect fit to put gold dust into the middle of it. >> when the new gold dust lounge opens friday, january 11th will roll back the price of irish coffee to 25 cents for the weekend. what it cost in
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please stay right here, a special one our edition is next. right after that, we'll be back with a half our edition
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of abc 7 news at 6:30 with local impact of the tragic event. >> and uc berkeley this morning announced it's decision to shelf it's controversial new logo featuring a small p in a small u. most critics want to go toódzñ t this is a special one-hour edition of "world news," tragedy at the elementary school from newtown, connecticut where today a nightmare unfolded. a gunman killing 20 small children, teachers scrambling to save them. the shooter, 20 years old, also amonged dead. his mother. we are here with teachers, the students who made it out, and the parents who tell us about the moment when they learned their child had survived. >> tears come to your eyes immediately when you know your child is okay. >> inside the school, stories of


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